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Exclusive12yr Old Starts Vendor Machine Business “Mikey Munchies”

12yr Old Starts Vendor Machine Business “Mikey Munchies”

The Biggs family own, and operate a vending machine business called Mikey’s Munchies Vending in St. Louis, MO. Their business venture came to life when their son Mikey Biggs (now 12), would constantly ask to purchase snacks out of the vending machines. After explaining to him that all the money he put into the vending machine goes to the owner, Mikey decided he too would like to become a business owner. Initially his mother laughed at first of the idea that a 7 year old could run a business, but Mikey continued to ask her about starting a business. Finally, she told him he had to create a business plan, and market research to let her know how much in startup cost he would need.

His mother never imagined that her 7 year old would actually put in the work and she was surprised when he presented it to her. He needed $4000 dollars to get started. Mikey decided to run a lemonade stand with his best friend, and they raised $1200! Family and friends were so inspired by his hard work, and dedication that they donated as well. It was then that Mikey’s Munchies was born! Mikey’s Munchies became a family business, starting off with two vending machines and grew quickly to 7. To help other young entrepreneur become successful in business, Mikey wrote a best seller called “Mikey Learns About Business” which includes his entrepreneurial journey. The Biggs family also founded a non-profit called Young Biz Kidz, whose mission is to empower young people by engaging and teaching financial education through entrepreneurship, a great way to introduce smart money habits early.

Erica Lorraine: So I’m a snacker! What type of snacks are in Mikey’s Munchies vending machine? Arriel Biggs: Chips, cookies, candy bars and soda with also have some healthy options like Clif bars, trail mix, baked chips, popcorn and water. We believe it is important to have a balance between junk food and healthy food.

Erica Lorraine: What has been the biggest challenge on Mikey’s entrepreneurial journey so far? Arriel Biggs: Because I use entrepreneurship as a parenting tool, my biggest challenge has been to keep up with all of Mikey’s ideas and making sure I don’t over commit him. Because he a student first.

Erica Lorraine: As a momager, what advice would you give parents who want to manage their children’s careers? Arriel Biggs: Find your tribe- I’m a strong believer that we are better together. Finding a village of like-minded individuals will be beneficial in your journey. Include individuals that add value to your life and support you with love. Your tribe will become your biggest cheerleaders.

Erica Lorraine: Outside of being a successful kidpreneur, and author, what are Mikey’s favorite things to do? Arriel Biggs: Basketball, Playing the video game and hanging out with his friends.

Erica Lorraine: Where can we find Mikey’s Munchies vending machines, and purchase his books? Arriel Biggs: His machines are located in St. Louis MO and you can purchase his book on Amazon.com


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