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ExclusiveZiggy and Tootie Cakes.

Ziggy and Tootie Cakes.

Meet Ziggy and Tootie, CEOs and the founders of Ziggy and Tootie Cakes. Ziggy and Tootie are professional pastry chefs, authors, speakers and social media influencers! The two young moguls are sisters and daughters of retired Air force veterans, Alphonso Quinn and Dr. Sheva Quinn. Ziggy and Tootie were three and four years old when they started their home-based business. With a small investment from their mom, they were in business. This year, they celebrated their fifth year anniversary in the business with the help of their mom, Dr. Quinn. Between doing events, school and their craft I finally had a chance to sit down get some insight about Ziggy and Tootie Cakes.

How does Ziggy and Tootie find balance between running a business and going to school? Both Ziggy and Tootie are homeschooled with entrepreneurship being part of their curriculum. Their mom Dr. Quinn, values the importance of education and ensures Ziggy and Tootie are equipped with the educational knowledge needed for growth. By the girls being homeschooled, it allows them to be flexible and put the necessary time into being business owners and operators of their cake shop

What does Ziggy and Tootie Cakes specialize in? Ziggy and Tootie Cakes specialize in custom cake designs and catering. The dynamic duo also specialize in southern classic homemade cakes, buttercream, cream cheese frosting, vegan cakes and Doggie cakes. Different designs and flavors are placed on display monthly in an effort to create an inclusive environment for people of diverse backgrounds.

Where do you see Ziggy and Tootie Cakes in the future? Ziggy and Tootsie’s future is very bright. This year, with the help of community supporters, they held the grand opening of their first store front in Byron, GA. The dynamic duo plans to expand their business to making custom design cookies in addition to their custom design cakes. Their number one mission in life is to gain as much knowledge as they can as they continue to make their dreams come true. The sky is the limit.


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