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By: Yureka Lawerence

It’s that time again, we are about to have another 365 days to crush those yearly goals and become better, healthier, successful versions of ourselves. Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week. For some, Sundays signify the start of the week but for me, Sundays are an implication of preparation for the week ahead. Everything that needs to get done but has been put off and everything that needs to be done during the week ahead is all planned for on Sunday. Sundays offer a fresh start, a chance to reevaluate the previous week and a chance to tie up those loose ends. 

The new year is like my ultimate Sunday. It’s a time to review the year that has passed and to plan goals for the year. There may have been many things that you were unable to accomplish in 2021 but never fear, you’re about to get a clean slate! Every year my husband and I pull out the notepads and began to dream about the possibilities that the new year holds in store. About 2 years ago we realized that we had a new addition that had something to add to the goal planning process. Now don’t get me wrong goal planning, short term, long term etc. may be a bit much for a toddler to contribute to but just how do you include your children in goal setting for 2022? Here are some quick and easy tips to get started and possibly make it a family tradition for years to come. 

#1: Start with an umbrella goal: Describe this as one big rock that your child wants to accomplish this year (SN: for parents who are planning for younger students, an example would be wanting your child to learn one new sport or activity this year).

#2: Discuss what is so important about accomplishing that goal: Why do you want to improve in science, make 2 new friends etc.

#3: Chuck the umbrella goal into smaller parts: they must be realistic and attainable (Pro tip: start small with easy wins to build confidence). 

#4: What’s the worst that could happen: Describe things that could “rain” on the umbrella goal. What are they likely to overcome? (This is a great time to talk about resiliency).

Lastly, depending on the age of your child offering small incentives for goal attainment will keep the goal planning lantern lit all year round. Happy Goal Setting! 


Let’s get “Techie” with it: Apps that kids can use when goal setting for the new year. 


This app will help your child develop SMART goals that are (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. They are also able to monitor goals in the app.


This app allows you to create to do list and has a lot of other features.


This is probably the most visually stimulating application. It allows you to build charts and so much more.


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