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FamilyTen Christmas Gifts for him and her

Ten Christmas Gifts for him and her

By: Kim Johnson

You might be able to recall the best gift you’ve ever received. Not the biggest, most expensive, or most elaborate, but the one that makes your heart do backflips every time you recall the first moment you laid eyes on it.

Those are the gifts that truly take us by surprise that are the most meaningful. Creating an elaborate rendezvous or spending the extra money to give thoughtful gifts isn’t necessary. The most heartwarming gifts and gestures are generated by your being on the same page as the people you love.

During the holiday season, buying gifts can seem a little hollow, with endless lists, long lines at the mall, and dollars spent leading to a 5-minute frenzy of flying wrapping paper and ribbon.

This does not have to be the case. There are a few ways to make the process of gift-giving a little more rewarding based on years of scientific research. Making gift-giving more meaningful for both the giver and recipient is possible with the following ideas.

Top Gifts for Him

Buying gifts for men can be a challenge. There’s the spouse who has already got everything he needs. The boyfriend who likes to switch things up. A son who forgot to send his wish list to you completely blanked out. There is a dad who insists that nothing would bother him, as if that is a feasible alternative. 

Nevertheless, you always have the opportunity to indulge in his hobbies; whether he loves traveling, playing sports, cooking, or just making a great cup of coffee in the morning. Or maybe you could buy him a classic jacket and a pair of sneakers he will love.

The following are the best gift ideas for men. 

1. Custom Team Mug

Majority of men have a favorite sports team or hobby a custom mug is perfect for the holidays.

2. Three-in-one charging station

Using this charging stand, all his devices will be charged and ready to use.

3. Customized Airpod cases

With an Airpods case engraved with his initials, he can listen on the go in style. 

4. Super-plush robe

Get him a Brooklinen bathrobe to up his relaxation game. If he’s just lounging around the house, he’ll be able to feel incredibly luxurious thanks to its plush and absorbent qualities. 

5. Personalized dog pillow

With more than 15 dog breeds to choose from, this quirky yet professional necktie will let him proudly display his love of the world’s best friend.

6. Thermocontrol smart mug by Ember

Give the gift of an eternally hot cup of coffee with a mug as stylish as his style. 

7. Jot concentrated coffee

With this concentrated coffee that tastes great and is easy to take with him for his busy mornings, you’ll be giving him the kick he needs. 

8. Heavily padded blanket

Weighted blankets are the best way to get him to sleep like a baby. The coolness and calming effect of this option makes it ideal for hot sleepers. 

9. Fooseball cooler

Taking the party on the road! Keeping all of the favorite canned beverages cool is easy with this ice chest and fooseball set. 

10. Heritage – Black

The ring can be used to track fitness levels, heart rate, and sleep quality. In addition, the Oura Ring is waterproof and charges for up to seven days, so it’s as fuss-free as possible. 

Top Gifts for Her

Whatever the occasion – and, especially around the holidays – it, is important to share your love and appreciation with those closest to you with a thoughtful gift. 

Whether it is a pocket-sized luxury or a thoughtful token, a gift can show someone that you are thinking of them, whatever its price or scale.

These are some of the best gifts for her.

1. Pink wavy border on orange

She can never have too many cute phone cases, just like other accessories. Picks like this pink and orange pick is so fun, yet they are still simple enough to give to just about anyone.

2. The always pan

You can’t go wrong with the Always Pan. In addition to being stylish, the influencer-approved kitchen item also functions as eight pieces of cookware.

3. Pillowtalk Matte revolution lipstick

The lipstick shade that’s always out of stock, but looks great on everyone. 

4. A hunter’s cape

She will look and feel spectacular in a luxuriously draped cape, whether she is relaxing at home or going out for the day. 

5. Necklace by Taylor

The addition of a gold lock on the front of a freshwater pearl necklace makes it even more adorable. This necklace will go well with any outfit.

6. Garden Party

She’ll love putting together this gorgeous puzzle, whether alone or with friends. 

7. Yoga mat by Lululemon

Whether it’s for virtual fitness classes, ab work, stretching, or yoga, a yoga mat is indispensable.

8. The Chi Chi Pom Pom pillow

This pom pom pillow will add some flair to her home decor. Although it’s neutral enough to suit a variety of aesthetics, it’s a statement piece.

9. Kelly green edit slipper

There is no such thing as an equal slipper, and these green beauties are here to prove it. These house shoes might just be the most fashionable she has ever worn.

10. The carry-on

A new bag will keep her looking good (and powered up with its built-in battery) when she’s on the go. 


We all know how wonderful it is to receive a gift, but do you ever wonder how it feels to be the one giving it? The recipient’s reaction may bring us joy or make us feel loved when they show their gratitude. 

Knowing we’ve done something good can give us a vague sense of satisfaction. Besides these great feelings, giving gifts has scientifically-proven benefits as well. Gift-giving plays an important psychological role. 

Whenever you give a gift to someone special, don’t worry that it has to be a work of art or a professionally designed item. 

If a gift is personalized for a loved one, it is the thought and emotion that lie behind it. You’ll know what we mean when we say that they’ll bring a smile to your loved one’s face when you give them a try!


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