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Just for DadReasons why everyone needs to watch fatherhood Featuring Kelvin HART

Reasons why everyone needs to watch fatherhood Featuring Kelvin HART

A father is any man who is in any way related to his child or a man who has helped in raising a baby. Fatherhood is the state of being a father and mostly being a present father who is there for his child. This is well brought out by the movie FATHERHOOD featuring KELVIN HART who plays as Matt and his newborn daughter Maddy played by MELODY HURD.

The movie is featuring KEVIN HART who is mostly known for standup comedy, drama and comic but here he brings out his serious side, which has never been seen before. Throughout the movie he comes out as a man who wants nothing else but the best for his daughter, but of course it’s KEVIN HART so he brings his comic side too. There are a series of emotions experienced while watching this film, laughter, tears and sadness. Don’t forget to grab a box tissue before watching this.

The movie is a family movie well-timed for the Father’s day holiday.

It is rated pg 13 and it can be watched by family, it has amazing lessons based on true life, and brings out the relationship between a father and his daughter.

The movie removes the negative mentality of raising children where that role is mostly delegated to mothers. The assumption that women or mothers are born knowing how to raise children is farfetched especially when Matt moves in a room full of women as new parents being taught how to handle babies. This shows even women don’t know how to raise babies they also need guidance and Matt also goes there to seek assistance. It shows that fathers should also learn to raise babies. No parent is born knowing how to raise babies. 

Here we see Matt raise his daughter regardless of his family and friends telling him he can’t make it. His desire to raise his baby without asking for help is so heartwarming, tear jerking and emotional, having to learn everything there is about raising a baby brings out so much love and determination.

The people in Matt’s life in the movie show how support systems help people overcome tribulations in life, Matt’s friends, co-worker, his mom  and his best friend  Jordan  are quite supportive.

While the movie brings out the struggling father who wants the best for his daughter it also brings out the growth that Matt goes through as a father. He learns life’s lesson of forgiveness when he forgives his mother in law Marian who is always rude to him, and also displays selflessness when he has to raise his daughter and work at the same time.

The movie shows us that being a single dad or a widower is not the end of the world, it is doable and can be fun as well, there is no manual in raising children as long as there is love and the will to do it.  

Death is inevitable and it can happen anytime so when Liz died it became a permanent pain that Matt had to deal with, and the shock of having to raise a newborn on his own was too much to deal with. Acceptance after death is something that Matt struggled with at the beginning but as life moves on we see him slowly accept that his wife Liz was no more and he instead teaches everything about Liz to Maddy his daughter, making her exist  throughout the movie.  He even makes sure he gives  Maddy two goodnight kisses every night, one for Liz and one for himself.

The movie brings out the true aspects of parenting. It is a journey that is  confusing, tiring and exciting. This is well brought out when Matt is reminiscing on the journey of parenthood, the good moments, first hugs, first steps, the bad moments that made him freeze and how far he came.

Fatherhood is not something that society really puts focus on. Most single dads or widower dads are seen as weaklings by society with speculations that they will be so terrible at parenting but the movie Fatherhood brings out fathers in a special way, as unsung heroes not weaklings. For a father who is going through tragedy of losing the love of his life but remaining strong for his daughter makes Matt take the trophy of the hero of the day.

Parenting is a series of making decisions that you think are right for your kids and Matt does a great job at this by supporting his daughter, hearing her out  and letting her think about things on her own without shutting her down.  A great depiction of this is shown when the Nun at the school insists on Maddy wearing certain school wear, but Matt defends Maddy.

As earlier said, parenting has no manual and the main goal is to ensure your child is happy. As a parent we see Matt cultivating the relationship with Maddy, becoming closer to her each day. They form a friendship and he does a good job at raising her, so much that his mother in law Marian actually apologizes for doubting his parenting skills. 

Matt styles Maddy’s hair;  which mostly is seen as a mother’s or women’s job but he did it with pride, ignoring the preconception that only women can make the girls hair.

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In conclusion, parenting is a journey both for the parent and the child, they both learn new things along the way but the bond only grows stronger. There is no one who is better at parenting. We all learn on the job; it’s a full time job and even when the kids grow up we never stop learning how to parent our kids.

Fathers are parents too and they deserve the limelight given to mothers, they raise kids too because parenting and raising babies is not a job cut out for women and mothers only. Many single dads and widowers are doing it and they are doing a good job.

All in all the movie is educative and is a must watch, the choice of actors is great and the timing is impeccable. I can’t wait to watch it again with my family. Hats off to Kevin Hart for putting this insightful movie together and showing the world the true meaning of FATHERHOOD.


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