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MagazineHeather Hill Army Mom Making It Work

Heather Hill Army Mom Making It Work

We all have a story that brought us to the exact place we are today; something that caused us to push harder and dream bigger. A lot of times adversities are our biggest motivators. For Heather Hill her life was a continuous theme of adversities, which led to her dream career, serving in The Mississippi Army National Guard. For this Heather embraces the path that she had to travel to attain a prosperous life. Heather and her twin brother were adopted at the age of 2, and lived with their adopted parents until the age of 10, when they were removed from the home due to various unfortunate and reoccurring situations that happened within the home.

The home was determined as unsafe and abusive, causing her adoptive parents to relinquish their parental rights and her adoptive father to be sentenced to 20 years in prison. This left Heather and her brother to spend the rest of their childhood moving between foster homes and group homes.

Heather couldn’t let this keep her down, she was determined to make something of herself.  Even as a child, she refused to allow herself to be pushed down in life and wallow on the ground.

This attitude was one of the many reasons, Heather accomplished everything she set out to do. She now uses her experiences to empower other women and children, and encourages them to have the same tenacity, when working towards their dreams. Heather also works hard to pass this resilient and determined mindset on to her beautiful daughter, who she names as one of her biggest motivators.

WayToParent Magazine was granted the opportunity to engage with Heather in an intimate interview to discuss how the military played a part in her successes and to get some advice for women who may be facing hardships.

WTP: What made you want to join the military and what branch are you in?

Heather: I joined May 2015 with a MOS of 92A (Automated Logistical Specialist). I joined the Guard because it had always been my dream to serve my country. At the age of 19, in 2008, I actually swore into the Marines but I was convinced a couple of weeks prior to leaving that it wasn’t the best idea. Ever since then, it had been a decision I had always regretted. At the age of 26, I decided to go for it once again. It was the best decision yet.

WTP: How did you get into empowering other women?

Heather: I’d like to believe that God placed it in my lap. I remember posting videos on social media in 2014

as I was going through a spiritual purification process for almost a year. I would talk about relationships, marriages and encourage others. People began to listen, comment and share things from my page. I’ve also given time back to the DHS (department of human services) and spoken to other children in foster care. I also speak at empowerment events. My hopes are to host my own events in which I could reach the masses. Not just for women, but everyone.

WTP: How has your daughter changed your life?

Heather: My daughter (Angel Hill) was born June 1, 2009. I had her at a very early age (20yrs). My pregnancy wasn’t how I had dreamed. I was severely sick the first 3 months and her father (my now ex-husband) was sentenced to 7 years in prison. I was afraid of the world being statistically correct about foster children. I was afraid of being a disappointment. I was afraid of being a single mother. I remember telling myself, before my daughter was born, that I wouldn’t cry. I said, “It’s just a baby….no big deal.” I had a scheduled caesarean and as I felt a force of pressure pushing down on my stomach, I also heard a fainted cry. Before seeing those beautiful eyes, I immediately began to cry. When she was brought to me, I saw those big and beautiful blue/gray eyes. All I could think was, “She is mine. This is my child.” That moment changed everything. She was certainly God sent. It humbled me. It taught me responsibility. It gave me even more of a reason to build a sturdy foundation and reach for the stars. All for her. I wanted to give her the best life I could possibly give her. Angel is such a sweet, kind, loving, adventurous, silly and mature individual.

WayToParent Magazine is always looking for new voices and empowering stories to add to our platform. If you have an inspiring, empowering, and educational story we’d love to hear from you. Contact us waytoparent@gmail.com


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