Help, My Kids Hate Me!

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Hi there WayToParent,
I’m emailing because I’m in dire need of your help right now. I’m a single mother of 2 my sperm donor is not involved and doesn’t help with the kids. He’s been in and out of their life, but the kids enjoy when he comes around before he disappears for another 6months. 

My son is 4yrs and the youngest is 2yr old daughter. They love it when he comes around and plays with them, and takes them on fun outings and then like a damn genie he disappears again as if he’s fulfilled his obligation for the time being.

My problem is once the kids leave they seem to hate me, as if I’m keeping him away or making him disappear. I try to do fun things with them but I don’t get the same reaction.

Right now I’m doing everything I can to hold it together, while working full time and taking care of them. How do I improve my relationship with my kids without them hating me??

–Signed A Tired Ass Mom. 


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