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ParentingRaising A Child That’s Confident in Their Own Skin

Raising A Child That’s Confident in Their Own Skin

By: Yureka Pirtle

This is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart and one that I believe that I can offer some helpful advice on. Let me start by saying I am currently the Classic Beauty International Elite Queen for 2020-2021. It definitely took a lot of work to get to a place where I even felt confident enough to run for such a prestigious position. As a child I was always heavier, less outgoing and less popular than most kids. I loved my little world within the world and I had friends that made this time special.

Although my confidence now looks much different than it looked as a child, in hindsight there are things that impacted me as an adult that I wish I was told in a child friendly manner from the people who were in my life.
Often times we minimize the things that we tell our children because we believe that if we provide a good life for them then there should not be anything to complain about. The truth is, that our children experience negative messages every day that they process in their heads and internalize based on how they feel about themselves. Our brains are wired to be sensitive to those negative messages.

Have you ever heard the saying for every negative messages, you need 5 positive ones? This is where that comes from. So, here are 5 beliefs to begin instilling in your children to teach them to love and cherish the skin that they’re in!

#1 You were born to be uniqueEach person is designed to have their own unique contribution to the world. If everyone was exactly the same then there would be some very important pieces of the puzzle that would be missing. All of the characteristics you have are designed just for you.

#2 Don’t be afraid to have adventuresEncourage curiosity and wonder. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and try again, after all this is where resiliency is built.

#3 Show emotions and express your feelingsDon’t be afraid to talk with your child about how they are feeling. Allow them the time to verbalize emotions they are feeling and help them process the emotion. This builds connection and wholeness.

#4 Laugh often then laugh some moreLaughter is just good for the soul. HealthGuide.org states that laughter relaxes the whole body and protects the heart. This also fosters the development of humor which has been linked to many developments in self-esteem.

#5 You are enough Encourage your child that they always have been and always will be enough. They will continue to grow and learn. Express to them “The Power of Yet”. They can accomplish anything they set their hearts to achieve. They just hadn’t accomplished it YET!

I have a 5-year-old that absolutely loves reading books. Here are some of my favorites to slip into his reading library.

  • I am Enough by Grace Byers
  • Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae
  • What I Like About Me by Allia Zobel-Nolan and Miki Sakamoto

Here is a recommendation from my own parenting library.

  • Kid Confidence by Eileen Kennedy-Moore

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