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ParentingWhat Parents Should Know About The Covid-19 Vaccination

What Parents Should Know About The Covid-19 Vaccination

What Parents Should Know About The Covid-19 Vaccination

The year 2020 came with its unexpected punch in the form of a global pandemic and lockdown. It turned the world on its head and forced both parents and children to embrace a new normal, thankfully the world was able to adapt and we got through it. Fast forward to 2021 and we see adults receiving the Covid-19 vaccinations all over the world, this has drastically reduced its spread and affects now the question on the minds of many parents is; how does this affect my child? A very legitimate question, if you ask us. Questions surrounding how it works, its side effects, and more have been asked with regards to children, so we are here to tell you all about it. 

What you need to know generally

It’s absolutely normal to be skeptical about whether it’s suitable for your children to receive the Covid-19 vaccination, that’s the parent thing to do. Right now there are three authorized and recommended Covid -19 vaccines being given in the United States; the Pfizer, Moderna, and the J&J (Johnson and Johnson), the most popular amongst parents being Pfizer. The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is the only vaccine currently suitable for children from the ages of 12. The vaccine was of course properly reviewed and clinically tested before they came to this conclusion. The other vaccines are for adults from the ages of 18, so you see why Pfizer is popular among parents. 

Children receive the same dosage of the vaccine just like adults do. Although studies have proven that children are less likely to die or be terribly affected by the virus, this is because their immune system is still very strong, active, and highly vibrant. So it wasn’t such a bad idea to feed them with nice vegetables and fruits! 

Any side effects you should worry about?

The benefits of vaccinating children far outweigh any side effects that may occur. The side effects are minor and they include, tiredness headaches, chills, achy muscles or joints, pain around the site of injection, and maybe a fever. These side effects are not long-lasting, they typically last for at most 48 hours, it could even be less than a day, so there’s nothing to worry about. Pfizer reported that the minor side-effects of the Covid-19 vaccination are the same in children and adults alike. One major side-effect to note is Chest Pain or Myorcarditis, it was noticed in teenagers but it’s very rare. Out of the millions of children and adults who get vaccinated, only a few get this side effect, and when it occurs, it resolves very quickly. There are barely any risks to worry about when it comes to children as the FDA and CDC are very thorough about the process. 

Rigorous testing is still underway to determine if the vaccine is now safe for children under 12, although the results are coming out positive, there has been no official authorization and approval from the FDA and CDC yet, so you still have to be patient. For now, your children from ages 12 above are good to go. Now that it’s back to school season if you’re considering getting your children the Covid-19 vaccination you should! It will not only protect them and your family, but it will also protect the people in your community at large and prevent the further spread of the deadly virus. 

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