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Single & MarriedGiving Love A Chance: David & Charity

Giving Love A Chance: David & Charity

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Love is something most of us hope to experience in our lifetime, therefore we spend our lives searching until we find it. Sometimes it doesn’t require much work to find our soulmate, we just have to simply open our eyes. Luckily David and Charity realized this, and in this realization they were able to find the love that their hearts longed for. What makes their story even more intriguing is that David and Charity have been able to experience what many merely wish to encounter, BLACK LOVE.

First Meeting

David and Charity met in 2009 on the campus of Louisiana State University Shreveport, where Charity was visiting her maid of honor, Sheika, a mutual friend of theirs. She and David instantly formed a friendship and the three of them kept in touch with each other, almost daily. As the years passed, seven to be exact, the friendship between Charity and David deepened; they found themselves being each other’s personal diary.

Fast forward to 2016, David was set to be in a wedding and needed to go to Baton Rouge to be fitted for his tuxedo. After asking a couple of his friends to go and them turning him down, he asked Charity if she wanted to go. After feeling sorry for him, and not wanting him to travel alone, she agreed to go. They had taken several trips as strictly friends, but to their surprise this trip would be very different. They traveled to Baton Rouge for his fitting, then decided to go to New Orleans where they spent the remainder of the weekend.

Something Different?

Charity states “Something about this trip was different; this trip would be the transition of a really great friendship into a relationship.” Upon returning home from the trip, she recalls realizing the undeniable reality that they no longer had just a friendship. They tried to continue their “friendship”, but that didn’t last long. About a month after their New Orleans trip, David asked Charity to be his girlfriend and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Three years later, David suggested that they take a trip to New Orleans, just to get away for a weekend. This was common for them as they often traveled to various places. He told her that one of his friends that lived in the area would be joining them, and suggested going to a nice dinner to jumpstart their stay. This was right up Charity’s alley she confessed, anyone that knows her knows that she loves to eat. David suggested that they meet up with his friend before the dinner so that he could take our pictures. At this point, she was still oblivious to what was about to transpire.


They pulled up to Jackson Square, and she began snapping his pictures as they waited for his friend. As she was taking his pictures, she noticed something bulging from his pocket, but she was unable to tell what it was. Again, she confessed that she is also very nosey and she was not letting up until she figured out what was in his pocket.

He continued to deny anything being in his pocket, however Charity wasn’t letting it go. David then grabbed her hands, and in that moment she knew what was happening. All of their close friends and family appeared out of nowhere (she had NO idea they were even in New Orleans) as he dropped down on one knee. He was so nervous that he couldn’t get his rehearsed speech out. He later told her that he planned to say “I brought you to Jackson Square to make you Mrs. Jackson.” To her it didn’t matter how he phrased it, her answer was still the same, “Yes!!!”

While there is no such thing as the perfect love story, it is inspiring to see that people are still giving love a chance. For those that are thinking about giving up on love, hopefully this story gives them a shimmer of hope that their chance for love could be coming soon. Furthermore, it should inspire them to open their eyes, and uncover that maybe their soulmate isn’t so far out of reach. 

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