Aleisha Kelly Empowering Young Boys To Soar Like Eagles

By: Jasmine Yates

As you tuck your children in for bed, do you read them a story before they fall asleep? Is it a story that they are able to relate to? As parents, we want to make sure that we share the experiences of our life with our children so that they are able to see themselves in someone else. But what if there were stories that will not only help children find who they are but also bring laughter, empathy and curiosity? Aleisha Kelly who is a devoted Christian & mother of three sons, creates stories that help navigate children to their true potential. Her stories help children to find their passion and motivate them to be themselves. She represents children that have the same features as her own children so that they can relate to the stories that she is sharing. Aleisha’s unique writing style brings well-written stories that have purpose, are relatable & gives a pathway for children to find themselves in the stories that are being captured. 

Way To Parent Lifestyle Magazine had the opportunity to interview Aleisha Kelly and discuss the inspiration behind her storytelling. 

WTP: What created the spark of creating stories? 

Aleisha: The spark of storytelling was ignited by the everyday moments and adventures I shared with my children. Their boundless imagination, enthusiasm, and genuine, unfiltered emotions catalyzed my writing journey. Witnessing their laughter, curiosity, and unique perspectives on life inspired me to capture those precious moments through narratives. 

WTP: How does creating these stories bring light to a child’s purpose/potential? 

Aleisha: Empowering young black boys is at the heart of my work. Through my writing, I strive to ensure that they see themselves reflected in the stories they read. I am proud to create relatable narratives that celebrate and highlight the richness of their culture. I think it’s really important for young Black boys to see themselves as movers and shakers in this world, not just passive bystanders. 

WTP: How many books have you written? 

Aleisha: I am thrilled to announce that I have completed and self-published four children’s books, including my latest release, “Do I Have to Spend My Own Money?” Along with the book, I have created flashcards to help children understand financial terms and a journal to track their money-saving habits. 

WTP: How would you describe your writing style? 

Aleisha: My writing style incorporates both narrative and storytelling elements. I utilize descriptive language to evoke emotions and convey positive messages. My goal is to engage young readers with relatable and instructive stories. 

WTP: How can your stories help parents to teach their children their potential & what it means? 

Aleisha: I craft stories with relatable scenarios to captivate young minds and teach essential life lessons. Parents can use these stories to have meaningful conversations with their children about resilience, empathy, pursuing dreams, and embracing unique abilities. The stories spark curiosity and instill important values, helping children discover their potential and understand its profound meaning in their lives. 

You can find Aleisha’s books by purchasing them on or on Amazon. She is currently working on a bundle box called “Boy Joy” that contains a variety of empowerment products that are designed specifically for school-aged black boys. It includes copies of her books, affirmation cards, journals and sticker sheets. 

We appreciate Aleisha for sharing her incredible business designed to continue elevating the black young men that are our future. We look forward to seeing more from Aleisha Kelly.