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Just for Mom

Mother & Daughter Opens Black Owned Primary Care

By: Desmonae Flowers African- American entrepreneurship is on the rise all over the world, and it is necessary because leaving a legacy is imperative....

Spotlight: Tanna Abraham Pursuing Her Purpose

By: Blaine & Mashonda Way Parenting, whether solely or alongside someone, is an adventure filled with lots of joy, laughter and fulfillment. However, it is...

Young Moms have mastered resilience and are passing it on to their children.

In today’s age, young mothers have mastered mental resilience, which can be attributed to the challenges of this modern era. They have undergone more...

Women Are Realizing Their Worth More. How will this Affect Their Dating Life?

By: Cermonia Thomas Women have been actively contributing to the economy in a productive manner since the 1900s.  The rise of...


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Who Knew My Ex-Husband Would Become My Best friend?

By: Cermonia Thomas I’m bursting at the seams with laughter and literally doubled over with tears streaming down my face.  This guy is super...

Just for Dad

Reasons why everyone needs to watch fatherhood Featuring Kelvin HART

A father is any man who is in any way related to his child or a man who has helped in raising a baby....



Teen Dating: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Why am I the crazy mom that only wants my daughter’s boyfriend to be Jesus? I’m scared y’all. I know what these little boys...