Grill & Grace -Simple. Colorful. Good.

By: Karizma Howard

In an era where fast paced lives have leaned on fast food chains, Larry and Kimeisha Cummings have found a way to create a balance to it all. Based out of Fayetteville NC (Spring Lake) the husband and wife duo have taken the Carolinas by storm, one plate at a time. Grill & Grace is a healthy meal prep company that desires to fulfill every palate through healthy, flavor-able, and affordable meals.

“…having money you cannot enjoy due to poor health is not worth it.”

Stepping out on faith, Larry and Kimeisha Cummings decided to change their location and shift their style of food. Transitioning from Tallahassee, Florida to Spring Lake, North Carolina , the Cummings decided to let go of Cummings Backyard Barbecue, a high caloric soul food business, and begin Grill & Grace, a healthy meal prep service catered to serve those with active lifestyles. During their time in Tallahassee, Florida, the couple first began their ‘good eats’ business out of their home called Cummings Backyard Barbecue, which consisted of the rich and flavorful southern cuisine known as soul food. After getting into a perfect rhythm of grilling meats and providing hardy meals customers loved, the pair continued on with much success.

“He just keeps showing up!”

Facing health issues later on, Larry and Kimeisha Cummings knew they would have to make a change in the place they felt God provided a lot of revenue. Having congestive heart failure in her early twenties and physical challenges in his body, they both concluded that having money you cannot enjoy due to poor health was not worth it. They soon officially ended Cummings’ Backyard Barbecue and decided to focus on their personal well being. Grill & Grace first began in their home by changing their household meals and implementing meal preps. The more they continued to make conscious choices of the food they ate, they
began to see positive physical and mental results that wholesome and nutritious meals preps provided. After creating healthier meals at home, they both were empowered to offer the same alternative to those who may have been struggling with the same issues they were. With little hesitation, Larry and Kimeisha Cummings stepped out on faith and began Grill & Grace. Kimiesha describes “in a place where I was nervous about stepping out to do this, God literally
had His hand on it and He just kept showing up.”

“Where flavor and color coalesce into a perfect harmony”

What sets Grill & Grace apart from other meal prep companies is that it is not just about food, but the experience you get from the flavors of each bite. It is where flavor and color coalesce into a perfect harmony. With the use of the grill to cook and smoke meats and vegetables, you can taste the love poured into every dish. Grill & Grace is meticulous not just in color placement, but the choice of ingredients as well. Being from Miami Florida, Kimeisha Cummings describes the city as being “the land of many cultures” and has executed incorporating Bahamian inspiration through the use of fresh ingredients. Whether you have a particular food allergy or in need of a meal delivered to your door, Grill & Grace has strived and in making meals accessible through their excellent service and ease of placing an order. One thing that Grill & Grace is, is simple, colorful, good.

Kimeisha’s Three Pieces of Advice for Mompreneurs
What advice would you give to mothers when starting their own business?
I would have to sum it up by these three things and that would be to:
1). “Plan: “Planning is your best friend! If you plan your days ahead the world will begin to be less overwhelming”
2)” Do: Just do it. More times than none, we wait for things to be absolutely perfect to get started. Instead of waiting for perfection, strive to keep moving toward the goalpost. As long as you are moving forward and at God’s pace, your timing is perfect.”
3) “Recharge. Prayer would firstly be my main source. Proverbs tells us that “She is clothed in strength” Just how you have to put on your natural clothes, strength is something you have to
put on too. If you do not have down time, then you will have to create it. That may look like getting up before your family, praying and reading your word. But lastly, which is my favorite,
which is dreaming. Dreaming really recharges me because dreaming inspires me and keeps me moving forward…Whatever you do, don’t stop dreaming.”

To learn more about Grill & Grace or to place an order, check out their social media page!
FB & IG: grillngrace
IG: __kimeishaaa
Text orders: text 786-260-4165



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    Awesome! Congratulations!

  • Robin McRae , January 11, 2024

    Congratulations!! I know your dad is so proud of you. I am ready for a taste test. I don’t eat meat. I do eat salmon & shrimp occasionally. I love foods that have spice & favor. Congratulations again♥️

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