Redefining Youth Sports: BTS Sports Inc. Empowers Athletes Beyond the Game

By: Sarah Moss

In a world where youth sports can sometimes seem more focused on competition than character, BTS Sports Inc. (BTSSI) stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity. James E Way II founded BTSSI, an nonprofit organization in 2018 that has made it their mission to redefine what it means to participate in sports. More than just dribbling balls or scoring goals, BTSSI is committed to the holistic development of young athletes, parents, and coaches alike.

Imagine a landscape where every child steps onto the field, court, or track with confidence, knowing they’re not just there to win but to grow. That’s the vision BTSSI is working tirelessly to realize. Through strategic partnerships and innovative programs, they’ve touched the lives of countless children, instilling in them not just athletic prowess but invaluable life skills.

Safety, positivity, and inclusivity are the cornerstones of BTSSI’s approach. They believe that every child, regardless of background or ability, deserves access to top-notch sports programs. But it’s not just about providing the opportunity to play; it’s about creating an environment where every child feels supported, encouraged, and empowered to thrive.

Central to BTSSI’s mission is education. From coaches to parents to administrators, they’re dedicated to equipping all stakeholders with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure a positive sports experience. Through positive instruction for children, comprehensive training for coaches, and educational resources for parents, BTSSI is reshaping the landscape of youth sports one clinic, one child, one city at a time.

But what sets BTSSI apart isn’t just their commitment to excellence—it’s their heart. Veteran owned and operated, this organization is fueled by a deep sense of duty and service. Guided by the motto “Changing lives one child, one clinic, one city at a time,” BTSSI isn’t just changing the game; they’re changing lives. Join them on their journey to build a future where every child can not only play sports but thrive in them. Waytoparent Magazine sat down with BTSSI to discuss their program.

Can you elaborate on how BTS Sports Inc. empowers coaches through training and accountability to create a positive coaching environment for children participating in sports?

At BTS Sports Inc we’ve created what we call EduTraining or Educational Training. Through a series of seminars with coaches we’re able to have in depth conversations about the type training we want to provide, how we want to present it to parents and children, and the atmosphere in which to do it.

In what ways does BTS Sports Inc. educate both professional and volunteer administrators to fulfill their roles effectively and contribute to a positive sports experience for children?

Through our EduTraining Seminars we educate our staff and volunteers about the culture here at BTS Sports Inc. Its fully understood here at BTS Sports Inc that we’re not only sports coaches, we’re life coaches as well. Sports is the platform we’re given to provide love, support and guidance to our youth.

Could you share some success stories or specific examples of how BTS Sports Inc. has positively impacted children and communities through its programs and partnerships?

Through BTS Sports Inc we’ve been able to sponsor families for the holidays. We’ve also been able to host free football clinics in Shrewsbury Pennsylvania and July 27th and 28th we’ll host a free clinic in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The first 100 players are free! We’ve partnered with RW Maintenance and refurbished the press box at Small Athletic field in your, as well as replaced the wood for the bleachers and repainted the posts around the field at Noonan Park in York.

How does BTS Sports Inc. envision the future of youth sports, and what steps is it taking to ensure that all children have access to safe and positive sports experiences, regardless of their background or circumstances?

We provide a stern but fun atmosphere at BTS Sports Inc. We want them to compete, have fun, and be gracious in victory and defeat. We as a staff exhibit the attitude and behavior we want the youth to mimic.

What service did you serve (Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines)? How did that play a part in creating BTS Sports Inc?

I’m a 12.5 year U.S. Navy veteran, and 4 year U.S. Army veteran. I’ve built BTS Sports Inc from a combination of Navy and Army Corp Values, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Loyalty, Respect, and Integrity.

What’s next for BTS Sports Inc and how can someone sign up or support BTS?

At this time BTS Sports in is looking for sponsors and donations to help fund our summer Track and Field and Girls AAU Basketball teams. If anyone is interested in being a BTS Sports athlete, sponsor or donating they can contact us at (717) 882-8556, email us at [email protected], through our website or on any social media platform.