Interview: Mother of 4 Patrice Tabon, inspires through her book ” Where’s Your Crown”.

By: Jasmine Yates

Brand strategist, author, graphic-designer, speaker and mother of 4 I’m describing none other than Patrice Tabon. Originally from Galax, Va she now hails in Raleigh, North Carolina where she is dominating several markets to excel her business and other entrepreneurs.

With a deep love for books at the age of 12, Patrice knew at an early age that she wanted to leave an imprint on the world. She set a goal that she wanted to leave her wisdom, knowledge and insight for generations to come as she had experienced from other authors. Patrice describes her children as amazing, loud, intelligent children, and caring children and they all had an impact on her drive for her book titled “Where’s Your Crown?”

She wanted to create things that would serve as a learning tool because as a child she didn’t have many books filled with characters that looked like her. So in turn she wanted to ensure that they had a character that they could relate to not just in physical appearance, but emotionally as well. In addition, she included her own personal experiences in the book as well. In her rural community It was hard not being surrounded by many others who looked like she did, and having to overcome those racial barriers was a daily battle. Patrice was the first and most likely only African-American Homecoming Queen in her high school will ever or has seen. That win was not only just for her, but for her community. She became a visual representation of a racial bridge between (at that time) then and now, which was extremely significant.

Not only does Patrice speak to her audience through the pages of her book but she gets to inspire through her speaking engagements. As an introvert she finds that preparing for these events that she must adjust her mindset yet she is honored to be invited. While she is motivating others, she is speaking life into herself and overcoming her imposter syndrome. Patrice enjoys empowerment events, and business conferences because she believes it is important to surround yourself with people who know more than you do. People who are further than you are so that you are constantly a student of life. She feels that people do not want to accept their impact but in reality everyone contributes so much to one another. Patrice believes that even if you change just one person, the impact can be endless.

Make it happen no matter what, no matter the circumstance, a motto that I am sure Patrice’s children know all too well. Patrice said reading mother of 4 gives her anxiety which made me chuckle even though it’s a lot of pressure it’s so rewarding. She understands that she is the blueprint for them and they will need her guidance therefore she does not take the title of mother lightly. Mothers are leaders, mentors, nurturers, and so much more. It’s a job that never ends and they push her daily. Ultimately she wants to teach them that success isn’t about a number in your bank account, but it’s about how you feel about yourself and the life you have created. They inspire and keep her accountable everyday, they make her choose better every day even if she feels like she failed she applies that lesson to the days to come. The lasting legacy and how she speaks to and makes someone feel is something she strives for everyday but ensures she instills this in her children.

I caught up to Patrice to ask her a few questions:

What interested you in SEL learning and with the book Where’s your Crown, what do you want to accomplish?

What interested me in (SEL) is that because of how our society is currently structured, kids and adults are lacking that physical social connection we used to have when I was growing up. Everything is digital and it seems that people are lacking the skill set to recognize and effectively their emotions without getting validation from others. This is sought out through Likes, shares, hearts, comments etc. via social media platforms.

Where’s Your Crown has that component in it where she has to look within herself, remember who she is, and not let what anyone else thinks of her stop her from believing in herself. There is also a hint of “bullying, or discriminations” based on appearance that this book whispers as well. This book helps with establishing positive relationships and not letting color, race, gender stop you from ultimately making sound decisions when it comes to being a good person of character. I want to show that by knowing who you are, helps build a better world for yourself and for those around you, because you know that you are responsible for your actions, your thoughts, and what you think about yourself and others.

What are your hopes and dreams for your children?

My hopes and dreams for them are that they grow up to contribute to creating change in the world. I want them to have kind hearts and open minds. I want them to conquer their dreams and crush their goals. But most of all, I want them to just be at peace. I want them to find true peace in themselves. That the world isn’t a sounding board for their validation, they are. What they think about themselves, is what matters.

What advice do you have for other mothers or people in general that want to start their entrepreneurial journey?

The advice I’d give to other mothers, or people who want to start their entrepreneurial journey, would be to just go for it. There isn’t a right time, there isn’t a magical sign that’s going to glow telling you “this is the moment’. You have to decide to just do it. Live life like tomorrow isn’t promised and you either try and win, or try and win because, even if you don’t see the success you thought, you had the guts to TRY and that is a WIN in itself.

What should we expect from you in the near future? Book tours, speaking engagements etc.?

I have a collection of journals that I will be officially launching on Amazon, as well as a book in the near future. I am very passionate about empowering and inspiring people and this book will serve as a great guide based on the life lessons I have had the fortune to experience. I will also be launching a podcast to go along with this, so keep an eye out and an ear open.

Patrice is an goal-driven woman showing not only her children but the world what you can accomplish and leave your legacy and mark for generations so I leave you with this quote from her:

” It also is a strong passion/ purpose of mine that I help empower, inspire, and motivate others to be the best version of themselves” -Patrice Tabon