Grill & Grace -Simple. Colorful. Good.

By: Karizma Howard In an era where fast paced lives have leaned on fast food chains, Larry and Kimeisha Cummings have found a way to create a balance to it all. Based out of Fayetteville NC (Spring Lake) the husband and wife duo have taken the Carolinas by storm, one plate at a time. Grill […]

Aleisha Kelly Empowering Young Boys To Soar Like Eagles

By: Jasmine Yates As you tuck your children in for bed, do you read them a story before they fall asleep? Is it a story that they are able to relate to? As parents, we want to make sure that we share the experiences of our life with our children so that they are able […]

Choosing the Best Childcare for Your Family

By: Amber Little Parenthood is full of choices. From conception until adulthood, the choices parents make concerning their child(ren) are endless. One of the first choices that parents have to make after baby is born is childcare. As many homes have two working parents, childcare is an important and time sensitive choice. Below is a […]

Three Worldwide Traditions to Try This Holiday Season

By: Cynthia Marcano The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us. Whether you are enjoying a winter wonderland or a warm winter in your neck of the woods, spending quality time with your loved ones is what make the holidays so special. Whether you are participating in time-honored traditions or aiming to […]

Fostering Gratitude: Meaningful Thanksgiving Traditions for Families

By: Hamzat Feyisetan As Thanksgiving approaches, families across the United States are preparing to come together, share a delicious meal, and express gratitude for the blessings in their lives. However, this Thanksgiving season, let’s go beyond the traditional feast and football games. Let’s explore creative and meaningful ways for families to practice gratitude together. In […]

Teen Dating: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Why am I the crazy mom that only wants my daughter’s boyfriend to be Jesus? I’m scared y’all. I know what these little boys think and do, and I don’t want to go to jail. Don’t touch my baby, leave her alone, and back it up. My response to my daughter asking if she can […]

Mom Creates Game-Changing Company ‘Flourish’ to Empower Women: A Story of Inspiration and Empowerment!”

By: Jasmine Yates Vivian Olodun is a master when it comes to entrepreneurship. Since she was in college Vivian has mastered the art of seeing something that she wants and creating a way to not only benefit herself but the people around her as well. Her business Flourish Media allows women of color to successfully […]

Meet Tiffany Haywood, The mom that does it all!

by: Jasmine Yates Meet Tiffany Haywood, a military wife who not only balances the military lifestyle but also keeps a strong hold on being a mother as well. Tiffany Haywood who is the ‘Tee’ behind had to learn how to make “it” work anywhere she found herself, be it Hawaii, North Carolina or back to her […]

The Undeniable Importance of Fathers: Celebrating Their Impact

In a world that often emphasizes the significance of mothers, it’s essential to recognize and celebrate the irreplaceable role that fathers play in our lives. While mothers provide unconditional love and care, fathers bring a unique set of qualities and contributions that are vital for a child’s development and overall well-being. In this article, we […]

How to Get Your Video Game Obsessed Kid to Unplug (Or At Least Take a Break)

If you have a child who loves video games, you know the struggle of trying to get them to put down the controller and do something else. But fear not, there are ways to break the video game obsession and encourage some healthy balance in your child’s life. Here are a few tips to try. […]